Hammer & Tongs


Hammer and Tongs for websiteHere we introduce yet more creatives within the Burns family circle – Nadine and Damien Gallagher who are the sister and brother-in-law of Claire Burns, grand-daughter and grandson-in-law of Deirdre Burns (…and so on, you get the picture!).  Between the two of them, they design, forge and finish novel bespoke blacksmith products from their base in rural Donegal.  Damien is a master farrier and his primary skill is horseshoeing.  However, using the tools and skills accumulated through his years of experience he has delved hammer and tongs into the creative world, forging out some the north-west’s finest blacksmith products serving both practical and artistic purpose.

Hammer and Tongs products are often made using recycled horseshoes so cleverly that you would think it was their destined purpose. Wine racks, candle holders, coat hooks, fairy doors (everyone needs a fairy door in their life), are just some of the delights on offer. Beautiful twisted and sculpted bird-feeder stakes and seasonal trinkets feature regularly too.